...is a MESS...a TOTAL MESS...

Final year project is going to be the most TEDIOUS thing I've ever done...
What I hate the most is the uncertainty and confusion from this project..(don't know where to get the apparatus, equipments, not sure when to prepare culturing media and the list goes on)
Too many unanswered QUESTION MARKS in my head..

Some more we have to go through all these authorities (eg: head of department, lab officers etc etc..) to get our glasswares and other consumables..filling up forms..getting signatures and stuffs..going up and down..from building to building..really makes me dizzy..

Still having 5 subjects this semester besides having to do our FYP lab work..Medical Micro, Pathology, Haematology, Toxicology and Instrumentation for Biomedical.. How to cope with all these????? I really don't have any answer..

Besides, I'm sick AGAIN..only stepped into year 2010 for 26 days and i got sick twice!!
Seriously tired and needs more rest but I can't even rest properly with all the questions and worries in my head every night I wanna sleep..

I really really don't like this semester..really don't like it..It makes me crazy and it makes me feel like I'm crap...

Missed the time I spent during my Industrial training..





Lazy to update recently. Anyways here's some update:

I'm still doing quite well in Penang. Our colleagues are treating both me and Corn very well. They even organized a Christmas party next Monday in the lab for us and even cook themselves (actually an early one as we both end our training next week)!! The present exchange part must be very fun and exciting..Really looking forward to it..^^

I guess I'm really lucky to know them. Although we've known each other for a short period and we might not even meet each other after this training, I really appreciate the time I spend with them. Working with them and learning from them is very happy and fun. Sometimes it might be boring in the lab, but they are always able to cheer you up and fill your boring times with laughter and jokes. Somehow I feel I've become a more cheerful person after knowing them. I will definitely miss them very much.

I will be back to KL next Thursday night and going for a trip with my family the next day. Might be out of contact for around a week. Friends in KL, feel free to find me for breakfast OR lunch OR tea OR dinner OR supper OR shopping OR movie (I wanna watch New Moon!!) OR gathering after Christmas ya..

To those taking short semesters, good luck and all the best for your finals..
To those finishing their training soon, Happy Holidays...^^
For those who've ended training, enjoy holidays for 1 more month and we'll see each other in kampar..

Anyway, wish everyone an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Dad n Mum,

Happy 21st Wedding Anniversary!!

Recently I've read my friend's blogs and it made me felt a little sad..

Maybe its really not that easy to tolerate people when we stay together..
Well, maybe 相见好,同住难 is a very true saying..

Sometimes when we just meet in school or uni, we can be very close as we only share a few hours together..But when we stay together, we spend more time together.. For those who are in the same course, they spend MOST of their time together..As we spend more time together, we would understand and know more about each other..and might realize that there are some attitude or traits that are harder to tolerate..But because we are friends, so even if there are things that we are not satisfied, we would rather keep silent, than risk breaking our friendship..

We borrow things from our friends because we trust them..
Similarly, friends lend things to us because they trust us..
Mutual trust and respect is one of the most precious things in life, don't you think so?

So, instead of being negative like "I won't borrow things from him anymore.."
Why not think of it the other way round? Like promising yourself that you would be more responsible in handling things like this in the future?
Instead of saying:"I won't borrow things to him anymore"
Why not try to remind him? Telling him that you need it, so that he can understand your situation? Help him to be more responsible in the future?

Its hard to be patient, and its even harder to place your feet in other people's shoes..
No one can be completely patient, and people would always think for themselves before they think for other people. It is normal for us to be like that..
But couldn't we just think for other people once in a while before doing something or saying something?

P/S: Sorry if I did write something bad here..No offense k? ^^




I was really amazed by this during my training in lab today..

Result was out yesterday..
I don't think i deserved it..